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Nhare/Mavembe Mbira: Various Tunings

Nhare/Mavembe Mbira: Various Tunings

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Nhare mbira. All mbira are hand made, carved from paduck wood. We have Nyamaropa, Mavembe, Dongonda and Nhurikwa mbira availabe in a variety of keys (A, B flat, B, E, F, G, etc).


Prices vary depending on the mbira you want. Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you with your specific request. IMPORTANT: price does not include shipping and handling fees.


    Hand carved from hardwood.  24 keys,  6 ¼ 1inches x 8 inches. Padauk is a light hard wood that has beatuiful resonance. Since all the mbira are hand carved, measurements are an approximation, as each handmade mbira differ slightly. 


    All products are shipped from California. Standard US Shipping rates apply. 

  • OUR MBIRA MAKER: Wamkanganise NaGaadza

    Our mbiras are made by Wamkanganise NaGaadza, who has been making beautiful mbira of all styles since 2008. Here are his thoughts on the art of making mbira: 

    “The art of making the mbira instrument requires persistence for perfection, precision, attention to detail, mindfulness, a sense of beauty and commitment. There is a mixture of three trades in one, carpentry, metal fabrication, and a musical soul; thus, mbira making falls between art and engineering.”