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Gourd Drum

Gourd Drum

SKU: 364215376135199
10 - 20 DRUMS: $40 each
20- 50 DRUMS: $35 each
These beautiful hand made gourd drums are approximately 9 inches tall, with a diameter of 10 inches. These tack drums are uniquely made with dried bottle-neck gourds,  sheep skin and are adored with fabric from Zimbabwe. We created these lightweight, durable drums during the covid pademic,  specifically for elementary school music programs. All drums are hand made, so sizes vary between 9-11 inches tall.

Please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you with your specific request. 
Note: price does not include shipping and handling fees.

    FROM KELLY: When everyone went into buying modes to give students something musical to teach during the pandemic, I thought about how we could act locally, create an instrument with minimial impact on the environment and create employment for Africans. We made more than 300 gourds this past year for various schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. These drums are lightweight (I carry 20 in one box with no problem) and students love having their own instrument, that was hand made just for them.

    We work with the wonderful folks down at Welburn Gourd Farm and would love to help your school or organization have a set of drums for your students! We are able to provide 20-150 drums for your school program!


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