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The KTO Project

WELCOME to the MUSIC of The KTO Project! 

The KTO Project is so excited to be working on their latest recording project, Mafaro eZimbabwe (the Joy of Zimbabwe)! 

The KTO Project is collaborating with more than a dozen of Zimbabwe's traditional artists to celebrate the power of mbira music and the music friendships built over the years of collaboration with KTO Project. 

Inspired by the power of music to unite communities, Bay Area native Kelly Takunda Orphan launched The KTO Project in 2004 with her debut album "Give it to the People." 

Singer, percussionist and cultural historian Linda Tillery said about KTO's recordings:

"Kelly Takunda Orphan has been on a long and wondrous musical journey beginning with her Armenian roots to the percussion-driven music of West Africa, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean. This recording reveals a rare breed of musician who carefully and respectfully fuses together music from disparate cultures. The vocals are warm and lush-the rhythms will make you want to dance!" 

The KTO Project: Welcome

The KTO Projects
Mafaro eZimbabwe 
Recording Project!

The KTO Project: Video

The KTO Project's Photo Album


2007 The KTO Project & Voices of Zimbabwe
Concert during the Pandemic Nov. 2020
Deszon Claibourne, 2020
Monolio Studios, 2019
Carmen Hwarari in studio, 2019
Spirit Calling vocals 2019
The KTO Project, 2012
The KTO Project & Voices of Zimbabwe 2008
KTO Project & Mafaro eZimbabwe: The BAND! 2018
KTO with Oliver Mtkududzi
KTO Project & Musekiwa performing in Oakland 2019
Musical family reunites in 2018!
Recording Sept. 2019
Ngoma (drums) 2019
KTO playing hosho (rattles), 2016
Promo for Mafaro eZimbabwe & KTO Project 2018
Promo for KTO Project & Voices of Zimbabwe 1994-2014
Recording session 2014
Logo 1
Logo 2
The KTO Project: Portfolio
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